What to expect

First appointments usually last around one hour.  A complete case history is taken including any family, medical and personal history together with any current physical, mental and emotional symptoms.  Following the consultation, a remedy is prescribed based on the individuals unique symptom picture.  This will either be provided at the end of the appointment, or posted to your home address.

Follow up appointments usually last around 45 minutes.  Discussion is based on the patients reaction to the previous remedy, and any new symptoms which may have arisen since the last appointment.

Everything discussed during the consultation is treated as confidential.

Appointments are often monthly, but may be more frequent depending on the presenting complaint.  The number of appointments required is largely dependent on the individual.  

Homeopathy works well in acute cases, which may only require one visit.   However, in more serious cases, or in chronic conditions a more long term approach may be required.  

Online Homeopath Consultation

Where attending clinic is difficult due to work commitments, distance or other logistical problems, an Online Homeopathic Consultation can be arranged.  Online appointments can also sometimes be arranged at shorter notice or where acute illness makes travel impossible.  Contact is made online by the patient at the agreed time via Skype or Messenger and the appointment proceeds in exactly the same way as a face to face consultation.  In certain circumstances,such as extreme social anxiety or due to complaints of a very personal nature, should a patient feel they would really rather only consult via email, this too can be arranged.  Remedies are dispatched by post to your home address. 

My charges are:

Adults - £45 per hour for an initial consultation, and £35 for 45 minute follow up appointments.

Online - £50 per hour for adult initial consultation, and £40 for 45 minute follow up appointments. 

Children (under 12) - £35 per hour for an initial consultation, and £25 for 45 minute follow up appointments.

Online - £40 per hour for adult initial consultation, and £30 for 45 minute follow up appointments. 


Wherever possible, I do ask for as much notice as possible of cancellation.  Same day cancellations will be charged due to the lack of opportunity to fill the appointment.


Online Homeopath Service
Online consultations are available, for those living further afield. Please email, text or call in the first instance to arrange an appointment. 

Appointments are now available in Bawdeswell, NR20 4SN.  Please enquire for details of location. 

Home Visits
Where access is impossible due to stairs, home visits may be possible throughout the Norfolk region (e.g. Norwich, Dereham, Fakenham, Aylsham, Reepham, Watton, Wymondham areas etc), but may incur additional travel costs if over 5 miles or 20 minutes.  I also offer evening appointments for those who find it difficult to attend daytime appointments.  Please contact me for further details.

Private Medical Cover
Many Private Medical Insurers, including the following, cover the cost of Homeopathic Treatment by a Society Registered practitioner :
BCWA, Best Health, BHSF Ltd,
Cigna, Civil Service Healthcare, Clinicare,
Exeter Friendly Society,
Healthnet, Healthshield Friendly Society Ltd, Healthsure, Hospital Saturday, HSF,
IFL Signature,
LHF, Medicash,
National Deposit Friendly Society,
Paycare, PHS (Medicaid), Pinnacle,
Simply Health, Sovereign Health Care, Standard Life Health Care,
Universal Provident Ltd,
Westfield Health

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